During Hurricane Harvey, this whole 70’s ranch-style house was several feet underwater.  The owner, a septuagenarian disabled paraplegic, was a battery-powered wheelchair user, who was further injured during her rescue.  Over seven months elapsed when I was called into reno the Kitchen, Master Bathroom, Hall Bathroom, Master Bedroom and closet, Hall closet, and Breakfast Room. 

The house was totally remodeled:  moving walls, re-arranging bathrooms, and extending the Master Bedroom out 8 feet into the back yard to give complete access to the owner.  The Master Bath was not big enough for wheelchair access, so the Hall and Master Baths were combined into one large room with 2 entrances with a large curbless shower, a roll-under vanity with a 6-foot turn-around area, and storage within easy reach. Each appliance and fixture was carefully measured with the owner’s individual reach range and abilities.