Mobility Challenges

Accessibility Design


In kitchens, sometimes the aisles are too tight, the most frequently used items are too high, the oven door is too hot to pull down. Designs Anew Houston alleviates the hassles of navigating your kitchen while using a walker, wheelchair or scooter. Your particular circumstances are carefully evaluated to provide the maximum navigability and utility of your kitchen. Your kitchen layout is especially designed for your abilities and mobility aids with wider aisles, countertop knee space, lowered appliances and work zones at your needed height.
Designs Anew Houston provides functional configuration of bathrooms for maximum safety; ease of use; close, convenient to reach storage; transferability to shower seat or tub; and space for movement. Our product knowledge about slip-resistant tile, tilt-mirrors, comfort height toilets and hand-held shower sprayers, united with design style and aesthetics is brought together to produce safe, comfortable and beautiful spaces.