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Welcome to the fascinating realm of glass art!

“Kilnformed” or Fused glass is a wonderfully versatile medium with varying techniques to attain certain effects only possible by the heat of a kiln. All pieces are hand cut and assembled to a certain number of layers of glass or bits of glass, called frit, then are heated and cooled at a specific programmed schedule in the glass kiln. If desired, the flat glass can be laid across a mold where heat and gravity pull it into the shape of that form in a process called slumping.

Designs Anew Glass Art offers finished Fused Glass pieces for immediate sale that can be browsed by clicking on the specific photograph of the project in which you are interested. It will take you to our Etsy site where we sell our pieces of glass art. Each piece of fused glass is hand-crafted to our particularly high standards.

Hanging piece - Summer Waterfall I

Hanging piece - Summer Waterfall II

Opposites Plates

Sold separately. 6×6 Candy or Nut Dishes/Jewelry Holders.

Red Holly Berry Dish

Red with Green Stripes Candy Plate

Light Blue Dish

Medium Blue Dish

Dark Blue Dish

Christmas Tree Snack Plate

Interested in a

custom order?


Designs Anew Glass Art also takes your Custom Orders. View photos of our previous projects that can be modified in size or color to fit your needs or tastes.

Call or text 281-546-1089 or email Barb for information and prices at

Prices vary according to size, complexity, and glass colors chosen.

Folded Vase/Candle Holder

Ocean Swirl and Stand

Holly Berry Plate - Green

Woven dish in Red Iridescent and green glass