Adaptable Master Bath

The small shower did not work well and was not accessible by the client who used a wheelchair after a stroke.

This dysfunctional bath featured a huge tub in the middle of the pathway to the toilet and shower that was hard to pass through with a mobility aid.

Now the shower is fully accessible for mobility aids and a heretofore unknown space at the foot of the shower was opened up for more room!


The decorative grab bars are to guide the user to and from the wheelchair which is parked right outside the shower.

The corner seat has its own temperature control and a handheld shower wand on a slide bar so that the seated user does not have to get up and risk falling on the wet floor to reach controls.

When the shower is in use, the curtain pulls all the way across to protect the toilet and vanity. This Adaptable design allows the rest of the family to enjoy the greatly expanded curbless shower!

Since the homeowners did not want to move the toilet plumbing, there is ample transfer space for the wheelchair user. This transfer area is shared with the curbless shower.

Now opened up into a bright airy space, the vanity nearest the door has an open kneehole for a wheelchair to pull right under.

The new tub has been pushed out into an alcove to give room for everyone in which to maneuver.

Barb Mueller

Barb Mueller

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