Aging in Place

Adaptable Solutions

Flexible Design

You can enjoy a comfortable and practical home environment designed for now that will also accommodate your needs years from now.

Easy visibility, wide open spaces, storage within reach and level entryways; these are just a few of the numerous options for you or a loved one experiencing a health-related life transition or simply planning ahead to remain in-home as long as possible in order to maintain independence.

As you or your parents grow older, modifying the home to enhance the quality of life is a popular and practical concept, especially in the most used and potentially hazardous spaces – the kitchen and bath. Barb is CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) and is highly qualified to implement creative, achievable Universal Design solutions.

Eliminating tripping or slipping hazards to help prevent falls at any age is a vital component of designing for Aging in Place. Eighty percent of falls in the home are in the Bathroom and more than 60 percent of injuries occur in the tub and shower – risks which dramatically increase for those over the age of 65.

Adding a curbless “spa” shower or cabinetry with drawers in lieu of doors, make the bath a safe and convenient space in which to perform daily tasks.


At some point, the house that you or your loved ones have lived in for years may become a challenge and not the safe haven it was. Maintaining dignity and control of your life is possible by modifying your home with Universal Design.

If your parents/loved ones are having difficulty accepting your help, it may be they feel the loss of the inherently human “caregiver role” taken on years ago – the best way to encourage your parents to accept your advice and assistance is to aid them in understanding that these difficult decisions to adapt their homes for Aging in Place really are a benefit for you and your peace of mind.